Wooden Sand Timers

Wooden sand timers, as the name, they contain a wooden part. They can be in different uses. Most of them are for home decoration and tea timing. Some designs can be for other purposes, such as time out timer stool for kids, and sauna sand timer for sauna timing. The wooden sand timers are all in elegant designs. And we can do some process on the wood to make them look better, like painting, logo engraving. There are engraving machines in our factory so that we can do a quick job.

15 Minute Sauna Sand Timer

15 Minute Sauna Sand Timer
Size: L 5.5 * W 3.1 * H 29.5 cm

Sand Tea Timer with Wood Frame

3, 5, 7 Minute Sand Tea Timer
Size: L 9 * W 3 * H 9 cm

Sand glass tea timer

Oval Sand Glass Tea Timer
Size: L 10 * W 5.1 * H 9.5 cm

Mini Wood Tea Timer

Mini Wood Tea Timer
Size: Dia 5 * H 9 cm

Elegant sand timer hourglass with wood base

Elegant Sand Timer Hourglass with Wooden Base
Size: L 13.5 * W 8.5 * H 17 cm

Trio Tea Timer

Trio Tea Timer 1, 3, 5 Minute
Size: Dia 5.5 * H 9 cm