Top 10 Sand Timers for Kids

As a sand timer manufacturer for years, I think we can say something about this topic. There are dozens of sand timers for kids in our factory and here are ten of the most hot-selling ones, in no particular order, as every sand timer has its own advantages. We also hope this article can give some ideas to the visitors who were willing to find a sand timer manufacturer or products for kids.

10. Small Sand Timer Set

Mini Plastic Sand Timer

This small plastic sand timer is one of the most hot-selling sand timers in our factory. We almost produce thousands of pieces every day. Customers always order them in sets, like 1 Min, 2 Min, and 5 Min as a set. And it’s a good part of toys, and this sand timer can also be a part of board games and card games. The size is Dia 2.5 × H 8 cm, it’s small, and the running time is 30 sec – 10 Min that can meet most of the use from the kids’.

9. Plastic Hexagonal Sand Timer

This plastic hexagonal sand timer is an old design for years. It’s still popular, and you can find it anywhere in online shops and catalogs of companies for kids and education. Teachers and students in primary school like it very much as this sand timer is a good tool. They can use them when they are playing and studying. There are three sizes and running times: 30 Sec – 120 Min.

Plastic Hexagon Sand Timer

8. Round Cap Educational Sand Timer

Round Cap Educational Hourglass

The round cap sand timer is another sand timer for education and schools. But it has a more cute design. The cap is round so that you can roll it on the ground. The size is Dia 6.5 × H 12.5 cm which is the right size to handy to hold it. Some customers like this design more so that they order it along with other educational sand timers. Running time is 30 Sec – 30 Min.

7. Smiling Face Toothbrush Timer

Most of the sand timers on this page are designs of a few years, including this smiling face toothbrush timer. But they are popular with kids. You can check amazon, one of the best-selling sand timers is this one. The cap is like a real tooth, And you can custom the faces printed on it. The size is 2.3×2.3×9.8 cm, running time is 2 or 3 Min which is the best time to brush your teeth.

Smiling Face Toothbrush Timer

6. All Plastic Board Game Sand Timer

Mini Board Game Sand Timer

The all-plastic sand timer, without any glass, is specially designed for kids. Some customers are worried about whether the sand timer with glass breaks and hurts their little kids, so they choose this plastic sand timer. Size is Dia 2.4 ×7.5 cm, which is a small one, so the maximum running time is 60 seconds. And we have another similar plastic sand timer which is a little bigger, you can see that design also.

5. Plastic Magnetic Sand Timer for Kids

If you are searching for a magnetic sand timer for kids, this design is a good choice. Many magnetic hourglasses are on the market, but no design suits kids. As all the hourglasses are made of glass, and the glass is easy to break and hurt the kids. So we design this plastic magnetic hourglass. The hourglass is made of durable, clear plastic, so it will not be broken even if you throw it on the ground. The size is Dia 5 × H 10.5 cm.

Plastic Magnetic Sand Timer for Kids

4. Timer Out Timer Stool

Time Out Timer Stool

The time-out timer stool is a large sand timer for kids. It’s large enough that kids can sit on it. Running time is 5 – 15 Min, so if your kid did something wrong, you could let him sit on it to read until all the sand falls. The time-out stool is steady enough that adults can sit on it, too. Every time we go to Hong Kong Gifts Show, we bring one there. Actually, it is more comfortable to sit on the time-out stool than sit on a chair. The size is Dia 29.5 × H 35.5 cm.

3. Shower Timer with Suction Cup

The shower timer with suction cup is a sand timer that can help you save water. But they sell well even in countries that are not lack water. It may be because it can help kids to develop good habits to save water and do things quickly. The shower timer is watertight, and the running time is 5 minutes. That means we should finish showering in 5 minutes. The size is Dia 2.5×6.1 cm. We also have a shower timer that can add a background card.

Shower Timer with Suction Cup

2. Toothbrush Holder with Sand Timer

Toothbrush Holder with Sand Timer Blue Color

The toothbrush holder with a sand timer is another sand timer that helps kids develop good habits. A sand timer is associated with the toothbrush holder where you can put your toothbrush. The running time of the timer is 2 minutes which is the best time to brush our teeth. The holder has four holes so that the holder is enough for a family of four.

1. Large Plastic Toothbrush Sand Timer

This large plastic toothbrush sand timer is a brand-new design for kids. The size is larger than the smile toothbrush timer, and the hourglass is plastic without any glass. We designed it and sent it to some of our customers, and some of them soon placed an order for this sand timer. And for now, the feedbacks from their markets are positive. The tooth cap is made of resin and is more like a tooth. Size is 4.7× 4.7×13.5 cm.

Large Plastic Toothbrush Sand Timer