Top 10 Sand Timer For Kids

I list top 10 sand timer for kids, hope this can give the customers some references. We are a sand timer factory, audited by BSCI, and manufacturing and exporting large quantities. So we know the selling situation of them. We will feel grateful if this page can do some help for you.

10. Time Out Timer Stool

Time out timer stool, as its name, is a stool with hourglass timer. Someone takes it as a punishment tool. If the kids doing something wrong, let him sit on the stool for 10 Min. When the sand all flow down, the kid is free.

The material of the stool is wood, very steady. Size is Dia 29.5 × H 35.5 cm, proper height for kids. The hourglass is plastic, so never worry about it will be broken.

Actually, The timer stool is doing good work when we go to the trade show.  So every time I choose to sit on the timer stool rather than on the chair.

time out timer stool

9. Fruit Hourglass

Fruit Hourglass

Fruit hourglass is a group, including lemon hourglass, orange sand timer, kiwi sand hourglass, and watermelon sand clock. Some kids like lemon, while someone like orange, so the parents can choose which one your kid is favorite.

The material of the caps is resin, which is easy to shape. And we match the sand color according to caps. The tube is acrylic, and it protects the hourglass bulbs inside.

Some parents buy these sand timers for their kids to do homework. They are selling pretty well in our local markets, but not too many to foreign customers.

8. Shower Timer

Shower timer, a small sand timer with a suction cup, is one of the popular items used in the bathroom. You can use it when you are taking a shower. Actually, some adults like these sand timers, too.

The timer is free rotated, so when the sand all flows down, you can turn it upsidedown, and then the sand flows down again. And it’s watertight so that it can be in your bathroom for a long time.

A customer from North Europe ordered this hourglass as the gifts to the kids of his town. The kids would like to save water and try to finish the shower in 5 minutes.

shower timer

7. Mega Sand Timer

Mega Sand Timer

Mega sand timer, an educational tool in the classroom and kindergarten, is a large sand timer for kids. It’s huge, so kids can see the sand flowing down pretty clearly.

The material of the caps is ABS, while the tube is acrylic. They protect the glass bulbs inside from broken. So it’s safe for kids. To the tools for kids, safety is always the first thing to consider.

I bring a 15-minute timer home for my 3-year old daughter, she likes to see the sand flowing down, and sometimes she put her teddy bear on the timer and said, you are here, I would be back later.

6. Board Game Timer

Board game timer, an all-plastic hourglass, is for the board game. Many customers buy them to time for chess, card and some other games.

It’s a small sand timer, and the size is only Dia 2.4 * H 7.5 cm. So its maximum timing is 60 seconds. And the 30-second one is the most popular design.

I asked a customer how they sell these sand timers. He said he is a board game distributor, so he sells them along with the board game set.

Board game timer

5. Happy Time Sandglass

Happy Time Sandglass

Happy time sandglass is one of the best selling sand timers on Amazon. And most of them are produced by our factory.

One set contains 6 pcs timer, including 30 Sec, 1 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min, 15 Min, and 30 Min. The caps are black.

I am not sure why the customers like this item so much, it’s just a regular design in my view. We call it happy time sandglass because someone printed the words on the bulbs.

4. Round Cap Educational Hourglass

Round cap educational hourglass, sand timer with round caps, is one cute design sand timer for kids. The educational sand timer is now a hot selling group.

The size is Dia 6.5 * H 12.5 cm. The maximum time is 30 minutes. It’s not big, so suit for the kids’ hands. Colors of the sand and caps are customized. The print on the caps is very clear.

The customers from the USA, Europe, and Australia like this design very much.

Round Cap Educational Hourglass

3. Smiley Face Toothbrush Timer

Smiley Face Toothbrush Timer

Smiley face sand timer, cartoon tooth design hourglass, is a toothbrush timer for kids. When kids are brushing teeth, you can use it to timing.

The cap is like a real tooth. People know it is for tooth brushing at first glance. And kids will like it because of its happy smiling.

Some customers need 3 minutes, and some others need 2 minutes, because different kids need different time. My daughter has a 2-minute timer. Could someone tell me how to let her sit down when brushing teeth?

2. Giant Sand Timer

The giant sand timer is one of the most popular timers for schools. Almost every customer in this area will order this design. And it’s also my favorite.

Its caps are hexagon design, so we call it the hexagonal sand timer. We can make it as long as 60 Min.

Some customers would like to order five pieces as one set, and it’s a good idea. We can pack the five pcs in 1 box.

Giant Sand Timer

1. Mini Sand Timer Set

Mini Sand Timer Set

Many customers like the kids sand timers, and all these items mini sand timer set is the best, and so is the most hot-selling sand timer.

The size is Dia 2.5 * H 8.8 cm or Dia 2.5 * H 9 cm. Both are OK. Time is from 10 Sec to 10 Min.

We produce at least 200,000 pcs every month, sometimes 1,000,000 pcs.

To Customers

All of the above are the top 10 sand timer for kids. Some of them are for education, while some are for daily life. Some of the sand timers are not listed, but they are still good. I try to list them all in the hourglass page. You can visit that page and see them all.

Please note that this top 10 sand timer for kids page is just for your reference. If you need other designs, please feel free to contact me. Our factory has been in this area for years, and we can help customers to develop new designs.