Take New Sand Timer Images

To make this website better, we decided to do some changes. The first thing needs to do is to update the sand timer images. So we decided to take new product pictures.

We started to do this job two months ago. And you can check the hourglass page, the black background ones and the one design in different colors are all new taking. We are an original sand timer factory so that it is easier for us to collect them.

sand timer with black background
one design sand timer with different colors

Why we take new sand timer images?

Clients may think we are not a professional factory

This is a question that we should talk about years ago. Our factory has been here for more than 15 years. During these 15 years, we only do the factory things, and not think of too many. And the product images we use are such complexity. Everything can be the background, like a computer, pen, paper, all the things that you can find in an office desk.

That would be a problem. The clients may think, the factory is not good, look at their pictures, what a mass. But we are a good factory, and we are one of the largest sand timer suppliers in China. Who knows? And these years, we focus all our attention on the largest B2B website in China, even we call that B2B platform a cheater. Because there is no other way that we can think about it.

For now, we must change. We build this website and attend the Hongkong Mega show this October. And we also have a booth at Hongkong Gifts Show next April.

What we have done before.

For the images, we did some changes a few years ago. We pay some guys to take the pictures, and some of them are good, but some are not. And the important thing is that we always have new products, and it is not so convenient to always call them to over. And we also download some images from the internet. The sand timer industry circle is not large in China so that you can find the same images everywhere. Some guys put our factory and office images on their websites, it’s not good.

Good images, better choices

To show our factory to more clients, to let more clients have a better first impression. We decided to take the product images by ourselves and upload them to the web. For the pages that have already made, we will change the pictures soon. Most of the photos are the ones that we took years ago, not good, and we will replace them, too. Even we are not the professional cameraman, and we will keep trying and practicing.

How we choose the background color

The white background is the best choice. So most of the images with a white background. For the glass sand timer, because the glass is transparent, if we still use a white one, it is difficult to take a good image. Then we have to use a black background, and the photos are OK. For the sand timer, every color will have a picture, and we also will put all the colors together and have a group image. So the clients can see all the colors at first sight and choose which one they like more.