Small Size Freestanding Hourglass

On Sep. 18, 2022, I received an email from a customer who had contacted me a few months ago.

At that time, he asked for the price of a small-size freestanding hourglass. After sending him the price, we didn’t get any answer. There must be something we didn’t do well, which might be the price or the services.

In the email of Sep. 18, he said he had received some samples from other suppliers. But the ends of these hourglass samples are a bit round, not flat, so they could not stand freely. He asked me if we could do it at that small size. He sent me the picture and I found that it was more likely a cylinder hourglass. And the size is really small. If we make it, it might be the smallest freestanding hourglass we had ever made.

2022-9-21 Blog

I checked with our hourglass engineer for the details. And he said it was OK to make it. The process of sealing the freestanding hourglasses is a bit different from that of the round ones. And the small size is more difficult to make and needs very skilled workers to do it. It is easy to make just a few samples, but the customer needs production after the sample is approved.

We are now trying to make the samples.

To Be Continued