Reviews by Real Customers

We try to transcribe the customers’ reviews from the email. Because our customers communicate with us by email, some comments are good, while some are not. We want to show a real factory to the website visitors.

All is fine now, the hourglasses have been delivered. We’re really happy with the products. We will definitely reach out to you again!
Diana, 2019.07
We are very happy with the goods your company has provided before (though some small number of hourglasses were broken, unfortunately). We would like to get a second order now.
Mirosław, 2019.09
I am happy to confirm that we are happy with the Gold, also thank you for the lower qtys for this order.  Please can you go ahead with the production of this order, we would like to pay via Paypal again.
Tomos, 2019.10
To be continued