Resin hourglass sand timer

The resin hourglass sand timer is our new design. It is not the first time that the sand timer appears. We had Halloween sand timer last year. Now, we have enough items, so we can make it a separate category. We will talk about this kind of sand timers in details in this page.


As talked before, that we separate the sand timer by materials. Like the plastic sand timer, they have plastic lids, and most of them have a plastic tube. And for the glass sand timers which are the most beautiful and classic. The material is only glass.

For the resin sand timer, the substances of the lids and inside figure are resin. So we call it resin sand timer.

Plastic sand timer

Plastic sand timer

Glass sand timer

Glass sand timer


There are supposed to be two designs resin sand timer.

One is Halloween sand timer. Except for the materials of glass bulbs are glass, the lids and inside figures are resin. The other one, we may call it to fruit sand timer. We make the sand timer lids like fruits. See the images below.

We could have other designs, such as make different shapes of the lids or make other kinds of figures inside the bulbs.

resin hourglass sand timer
fruit sand timer

About new resin sand timer

There should be more new designs resin sand timer. The resin material is one of the best material for making figures. We can make it many kinds of shapes. So many kinds of holidays gifts like Christmas, Halloween and Easter gifts are made of resin. Maybe you can put an Easter bunny figure inside the sand timer bulbs and send it to your kids as Easter gifts.

We are the largest sand timer manufacturer in China. It is not a difficult work for factories like us. If you need, please feel free to contact us.

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