Project Description

Wooden Decorative Hourglass

wooden hourglass sand timerDecorative wooden hourglass sand timer for home decoration.
Wooden frame with glass bulb and colorful glass beads as the sand.

It is a beautiful wooden craft. With the timer there you could feel time flies.
The Hourglass have 1 size: Dia18*31cm
You can customize the sand and the frame colors.

Wooden hourglass is one of the antique hourglasses. Very hot selling.
When it on the desk, you can feel something special.
But we don’t make too much stock like this wooden hourglass.
Stock information will be updated regularly.
If you need a very urgent order, please check stock hourglass.

We have another hourglass with a wooden frame made of wood, and t is lovely.

And another brass vintage rotating hourglass sand timer for home decoration.

Our factory is one of the original manufacturers of sand timer hourglass.
We have been here for 15 years.

What do you want to know about decorative wooden hourglass?
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Functions Parameters
Item Name Decorative wooden hourglass sand timer
Item No. WS002
Frame Wooden Frame
Bulb Glass Bulb
Size Dia18*31cm
Sand Glass beads
Color Both colors of the lids and sand can be customized
Time Available  From 30 seconds to 30 minutes
Logo Sticker, mould, print
Sample time 5 days
Lead time 25 days
Packing details Poly bag+ white box
Port Shenzhen/ Guangzhou

Know more about the sand timer

The hourglasses should be appreciated. They are beautiful and exciting because they are simple.
Of course, there are more accurate ways to keep track of time than this, and the sand timer is solely for display.
Every once in a while when flip it over and sure enough the sands of time race on.

These sand timer could be used to time dryer. Put it on a desk to time work or study.
With this, you can feel time flies, and you will appreciate it.
You love time, love sand timer.