Project Description

Trio Tea Timer

Trio tea timer, we usually call it 3 in 1 sand tea timer. That is because it consists of three hourglasses and one wood frame. And it can be used for making tea. We first produce it at the end of 2019, so we can say it’s a new design.

  • Product Name: Trio Tea Timer
  • Item No.: WS016
  • Size: Dia 5.5 × H 9 cm
  • Timing: From 30 Sec to 5 Min
  • Material: Wood frame + Borosilicate glass + Glass beads
  • Weight: 75 g
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Existing Mold: Yes
  • Free Sample: Yes
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About Trio Tea Timer

This trio sand timer is a sort of tea timer, and some customers call it coffee timer as well. The three normal hourglasses are assembled between the two round wood plates. So it’s also a kind of 3-in-1 hourglass. It’s not big, just Dia 5.5 * H 9 cm. The wood frames are totally round, and this is a little different from the other 3-in-1 sand timers. The maximum flowing time is 5 minutes, and we can make the hourglasses with different times.  Such as 1, 3, 5 minutes as a group, and this is one of the best groups.


For the colors, I want to talk about one thing: The wood frame color. For now, we only have produced burlywood, and it’s pretty good. We can paint the wood in many different colors. However, we still recommend burlywood. The original is the best. For the sand, you know we can make it in different colors, so I don’t repeat it. If we have the hourglass pictures with other sand colors, I will post them here.

More Images

Trio sand tea timer
Trio sand timer with wood frame
Trio Tea Timer

Logo Printing

As the right image, the surface of the wood plate is smooth so that you can print your logo on it. Normally there are two ways to do the printing work. One is normal print, such as pad printing, we do it very often. The other one is laser engraving, and we can engrave on metal, resin, and wood material. The engraving logo makes your products upgrade at least one level. We have the laser engraving machine so that we can do quick work. For the sample, we can finish it in one day.

wood trio sand timer plate

Other Details

Sample Time: 1 days
Production Time: 25 days
Regular Packing: Each unit in a bubble bag + White box
FOB Ports: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou
Payment Methods: T/T to our company bank account, Western Union, and Paypal.