Time Out Stool

This time out stool with a sand timer is designed for kids. We only have a few wooden hourglasses suitable for children. It’s indeed a genuine stool that even adults can sit on. We have taken one piece to the Hong Kong Fair. When standing for long periods, then sitting on it, it’s more comfortable than a normal chair. Many customers have expressed their liking for this stool. If you are selling products for kids, you can consider trying this product.

Time Out Stool
  • Product Name: Time Out Stool
  • Item No.: WS001
  • Size: Dia29.5 × H35.5 cm
  • Material: MDF Plate + Wooden Columns + Plastic Hourglass
  • Running Time: 1 Min – 15 Mins
  • Color: Both wood and sand can be customized
  • Samples: Need a little sample cost.
  • MOQ: 50 pcs
  • Usage: For Decoration and Timing

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    Details About Time Out Stool

    • Popular Running Time

    The most popular Running time for this design is 15 Mins

    • More Pictures

    Red Time Out Stool with Sand Timer
    Wooden Decorative Hourglass with gold sand
    Time Out Stool Column