Project Description

Shower Sand Timer with Suction Cup

It’s a kind of shower timer that you can use it in the bathroom. We seal the timer well, and it is watertight. It will not be broken even you drop it on the ground, as the PC tube and ABS lids protect the inside bulbs. There is a suction cup that you can stick it on the smooth surface.

  • Product Name: Shower sand timer with suction cup
  • Item No.: PS004
  • Size: Dia 2.5 * H 6.1 cm
  • Timing: From 30 Sec to 5 Min
  • Material: PS caps + PS tube + Borosilicate glass + Glass beads
  • Weight: 16 g
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Existing Mold: Yes
  • Free Sample: Yes
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Shower sand timer with suction cup

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Free Sample

For this hourglass, it is available for the free sample now.
You only need to pay the shipping cost to your country.
So if need, please don’t hesitate to contact me, we will check and get back to you soon.

Functions Parameters
Item Name: 5 minutes plastic shower sand timer with suction cup
Item No.: PS004
Lid material: Eco-friendly ABS lids
Tube material: Clear PS tube
Bulb material: Glass bulb
Sand material: glass beads
Suction cup material: PVC
Color: You can customize both the sand and the lids color.
Size:  Dia2.5*6.1cm
Logo: Sticker, mold, print
Sample time: 5 days
Lead time: 20 days
Packing details: Poly bag+ white box
FOB Port: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou

Product Details

The available time of the shower timer is from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. If you need a quick bath, this is a perfect tool to choose. You can use the suction cup to stick on anything that has a smooth surface. The materials are Eco-friendly, so it is safe for kids to use.

The suction cup and the timer are separate, and you can disassemble it. When the sand all down, please rotate the sand timer upside down freely to have a new start.

The sand and the lids can be in different colors. See the image, and there are seven colors. You can customize the colors you want. Usually, the color of the sand is the same as the lids. Sometimes they don’t, like blue colors lids with white sand.

Where the Timer can be Used

Sand timer is a simple device to keep time. You can use the timer with a suction cup in many occasions.

In the bathroom. You can use this to measure your bath time. If you need a quick bath, you can buy this sand timer in 2 minutes or 3 minutes.

In your cloakroom. If you don’t want to pay too much time doing these things, you can put the timer on the mirror to measure your dressing time.

In your kitchen. For some food, the best time to cook is to fry for 5 minutes. Then you can put the 5 minutes one on the tile. It is much easier to use than a digital one.

Plastic Sand Timers with Suction Cup

Logo Print

If your logo is simple, like 1 or 2 colors, you can use the print way. Both on the cap and on the tube are OK. And it is not expensive.

If the logo is complicated, maybe we need to do it with the heat transfer printing. This way is much expensive.

Some clients want to use a sticker to show their logo, and this is also a right way.


We put each sand timer into a PP bag, and around 500pcs into a master carton. As the primary materials are plastic, so in this way is safe enough, and won’t need to pay an extra cost for the packings. If need, you can customize the packaging, it is OK for us.