Project Description

Round Cap Educational Hourglass

  • Product Name: Round Cap Educational Hourglass
  • Item No.: PS006
  • Size: Dia 6.5 * H 12.5 cm
  • Timing: From 30 Sec to 30 Min
  • Material: ABS caps + Acrylic tube + Borosilicate glass + Glass beads
  • Weight: 110g
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Existing Mold: Yes
  • Free Sample: Yes
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How can we make the sand and the lids in different color?

Yea, of course you can make them in diffierent color.
Someone like make them the same. Whatever, everyone have different ideas.
Just tell me what you think.

How can we customize another lids?

You just tell me the lids design is OK.
Maybe a draft image. or just some description.
Then we will handle other things.

1 hour sand timer hourglass
Functions Parameters
Item Name Round Cap Educational Hourglass for Kids
Item No. PS006
Bulb/ Sand Glass/ Glass beads
Lids/ Body Eco-friendly ASB, Eco-friendly acrylic.
Color You can customize the color of the lids and sand.
Size/ maximum time
Smaller one  Dia12.8*6.8cm/ 30 minutes
Larger one  Dia17*7.7cm/ 1 hour
Logo Sticker, mould, silk*screen.
Sample time 5 days
Lead time 25 days
Packing details Poly bag+ white box
Port Shenzhen/ Guangzhou


1: How Can I make my logo print on the sand timer?

Generally there are ways.

One is make the logo on the plastic mold. The logo will not changed.
This is good for larget quantity, as it will cost more.

The second one is make a sticker. this is easy.
If your logo have many different colors. it is better to choose this way.

The third way is silk-screen. If the color of your logo is easy.
You can choose this. this maybe the cheapest one.

2 If the glass bulb broken. Will the glass hurt the someone?

If the glass bulb broken, it will not broken anyone.
As the acrylic body will keep the glass fragments in the sand timer.
Actually it is not a easy thing to broke the glass bulb from the protection of the body.
And the lids sealed well. So don’t worry about that