Pomodoro Technique Hourglass Set

We make the Pomodoro Technique hourglass set to meet the people who would like to work with the Pomodoro Technique. Work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. It is really an excellent time management method. And our sand hourglasses are good tools to make it work.

Pomodoro Technique Hourglass Set
  • Material: Borosilicate Hourglass + Glass Beads + Wood Bases
  • Item No.: GS008
  • Sizes: L, S
  • Running Time: 25 Min, 5 Min
  • Color: Custom
  • MOQ: 100 pcs

Details About Pomodoro Technique Hourglass Set

  • Size and Running Time

We usually tell the time range of the hourglass and rarely set an exact time point. But for the Pomodoro Technique hourglass set, we should do it. The running time of the large one is 25 minutes while the small one is 5 minutes. And, of course, there is a 10% running time tolerance.

Working 25 Minutes Hourglass

Large One Size: Dia 8 × H 15 cm
Base Size: Dia 8.2 × H 2 cm
Running Time: 25 Minutes

Rest 5 Minutes Hourglass

Small One Size: Dia 5 × H 10 cm
Base Size: Dia 5.1 × H 2 cm
Running Time: 5 Minutes

Hourglass and base
Hourglass on the wood base feature image
Two wood bases
Base bottom with felt

Base bottom with felt

  • Logo

We can engrave the logo on the base.

  • Base

The bases material is natural wood, and we treat the surface with oil. The bottom of the base adheres with felt, so it is not easy to move even the desk’s surface is slippery.

  • Packing

The product is an hourglass set, and most customers would like to pack them together. So we wrap each set with polyfoam, put it in a white box, and put a suitable quantity into a carton.

  • General Information

For other general information like the samples, shipping, payment terms, please check the FAQ page. There are great answers.

  • Reference

As a factory since 2002, we can have some cases for your reference and hope they can do some help.

(1) About the Laser Logo

We can engrave your logo on wood bases. So when people turn the hourglass upside down, they will see the logo.

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