Pomodoro Sand Timer Set

The Pomodoro Technique is an excellent method for balancing work and rest, while the traditional device of a sand timer brings a sense of peace. By combining the two, this Pomodoro Sand Timer Set should be a good tool for both working and reading. It’s also a good home decoration item.

Pomodoro Sand Timer Set
  • Product Name: Pomodoro Sand Timer Set
  • Item No.: WS201
  • Size: L/S
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass Hourglass + Wooden Base
  • Running Time: 25 Mins, 5 Mins
  • Color: Sand Color can be customized
  • Free Samples: Yes
  • MOQ: 50 Sets
  • Usage: For Timing and Decoration

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    Details About Pomodoro Sand Timer Set

    • Popular Running Time

    25 Mins and 5 Mins

    • More Pictures

    Working 25 Minutes Hourglass

    Large One Size: Dia 8 × H 15 cm
    Base Size: Dia 8.2 × H 2 cm
    Running Time: 25 Minutes

    Rest 5 Minutes Hourglass

    Small One Size: Dia 5 × H 10 cm
    Base Size: Dia 5.1 × H 2 cm
    Running Time: 5 Minutes

    Hourglass and base
    Hourglass on the wood base feature image
    Two wood bases
    Base bottom with felt

    Base bottom with felt