Plastic Toothbrush Timer 2 Minute

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We are a toothbrush timer manufacturer in China. Our factory started in 2oo2 and has been audited by ISO 9001 and BSCI.

Product Details

  • Moderate Size for Kids: 4.7*4.7*H13.5 cm
  • Material without Glass: Plastic + Resin
  • Popular Running Time: 2 Min
  • Customized Color and Smile Face

Our Advantages

  • Low MOQ: 100 pcs
  • Daily output: Over 3,000 pcs
  • Free samples to check the quality
  • Prompt reply within 1-hour daytime

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    Details About Plastic Toothbrush Timer

    This plastic toothbrush timer was a brand new design in 2022. We have just made it and have already sent some samples to some of our customers. And Almost all the customers like it. The running time can be 2 minutes or 3 minutes, which is the best time for brushing teeth. This plastic toothbrush timer can be a good gift selling in the supermarket, online shop, or in the dental clinic, and it can help kids form a good habit of brushing their teeth.

    • More Pictures

    Plastic Toothbrush Timer
    Plastic Toothbrush Timer Frant View
    Plastic Toothbrush Timer Tooth Cap
    Plastic Toothbrush Timer Top View
    Plastic Toothbruth Timer Botton Cap
    Plastic Toothbrush Timer Sand Falling

    • Suitable Size for Kids

    The size of the plastic toothbrush timer is 4.7*4.7*H13.5, which is a suitable size for kids to use. It’s not a mini size as the hot-selling small toothbrush sand timer.

    • 2 and 3 Minutes Optional

    We designed it for 2 or 3 Minutes because the best time to brush teeth is 2 or 3 Min. And this hourglass is made of plastic, so the middle hole is much larger than the glass ones. So we can’t make it running a long time.

    • Different Colors Optional

    Both the cap and the sand can be in different colors. Even the regular color of the cap is white.

    • Safe Packing

    The regular packing is each sand timer into a bubble bag and a white box. It is safe enough for this toothbrush sand timer.

    • General Information

    For general information like the samples, shipping, and payment terms, please check the FAQ page. There are great answers.