Project Description

Plastic Shower Sand Timer

The plastic shower sand timer is a kind of bathroom timer. You can suck the sand timer to the wall with the sucker when taking a bath. The running time of the sand timer is fixed. And you should finish the bath before all the sand flow down. Next time you can reverse the sand timer freely to start running again. One more thing, all of our shower sand timer is watertight.

Orange Plastic Shower Sand Timer
  • Material: PS Cap + PS Tube + Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads + PVC Sucker
  • Item No.: PS301
  • Sand Timer Size: Dia 2.5 × H 6.1 cm
  • Total Size: 3 × 3.3 × 6.1 cm
  • Running Time: 30 Sec to 5 Min
  • Color: Custom
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
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Details About Plastic Shower Sand Timer

  • More Pictures

Blue Plastic Shower Sand Timer
Green Plastic Shower Sand Timer
Pink Plastic Shower Sand Timer
Red Plastic Shower Sand Timer
White Plastic Shower Sand Timer
Yellow Plastic Shower Sand Timer

  • Running Time

The running time of this plastic shower sand timer is from 30 Sec to 5 Min. You can pick any point in the running time range. And for most of the time, there is a 10% tolerance, as our hourglasses are all handmade. And 10% tolerance is the professional standard.

The most popular running time: 5 Min

  • Logo

There are two ways to show your logo.

(1) Print on the cap
We can print the logo on the plastic caps. And most customers choose this way.

(2)Print on the plastic tube
We can also print your logo on the tube, and we can talk about the size as the tube is not too long.

  • Free Sample

The plastic shower sand timer is our regular product. So we can send you some free samples if you need to check our quality. You only need to bear the shipping cost. It’s only a tiny parcel and will not cost too much.

  • Test

Our sand timers can meet the standard of America and Europe. They can pass the tests like CE, RoHS, CA Prop 65, and Australia/New Zealand standard safety of toys.

  • Reference

As a factory since 2002, we can have some cases for your reference and hope they can do some help.

(1) We are thinking about what we can show to customers.

(2) We have another design of the shower sand timer with small caps that can have a background card.