Metal Pen Holder Hourglass

Metal Pen Holder Hourglass

    Details About Metal Pen Holder Hourglass

    Product Name:Metal Pen Holder Hourglass
    Item No.:MS203
    Size:L20 × W8.3 × H22.5 cm
    Material:Metal Frame + Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads
    Running Time:30 Sec – 60 Min
    Popular Running Time:20 Min, 30 Min, 60 Min
    Color:Sand Color can be custom
    Logo:Engrave on the metal frame
    Free Samples:Yes
    MOQ:100 pcs

    • More Pictures

    Metal Pen Holder with Cylinder Hourglass
    Metal Pen Holder Hourglass Timer
    Desktop Metal Pen Holder with Hourglass
    Desktop Brass Pen Holder with Hourglass
    Brass Pen Holder Glass Hourglass

    • Usage

    The metal pen holder hourglass is an excellent tool on your desk for studying and reading. You can put your pens in the holder and measure the reading time with the hourglass. The hourglass is a rotating one. When all the sand flows down, you can turn the hourglass upside down to start again. The most popular running time is 30 and 60 minutes, and it might be because most guys use it for reading and studying.

    • To Vistors

    Brass hourglasses are always popular. Since the first brass hourglass, the antique brass hourglass was developed, there have been orders almost every month. We have hundreds of designs of hourglasses, so if a design has been ordered every month, it is pretty popular. Our factory has new brass hourglasses every year.