Project Description

Magnetic Sand Timer

magnetic sand timer with baseThis hourglass is a Magnetic sand timer, magnet sand hourglass.

Handblown glass bulb with iron power in it.
And Wooden base with a magnet.
With all these things, the magnetic sand timer function.

Size of the magnetic sand timer is dia6*14.5cm without the base.
Base size is 8*8*2cm.

You can customize the iron power color.
And also we can paint the wooden base in a different color.
Please tell us the Parton Color No. you need.

It is a fun toy, and please use it for timing, not playing with it.

We have another diamond hourglass, and if we add a base and a piece of magnet, then it is a new magnetic sand timer.

Why does the powder gather into a ball?

The sand made of iron powder. And there is a small round but strong magnetism magnet under the bulb.
When the iron powder fall, it will be attracted by the magnet.
And the magnetism transmits to the nearest powder.
Then all the powder have magnetism and attract each other before we flip the bulb over.

How can I change the powder of the magnetic sand timer?

I think it will be OK. As we all know the magnet can attract iron, cobalt, nickel.
But When Change to cobalt and nickel, maybe that would cost more.

magnetic sand timer

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Functions Parameters
Item Name: Magnetic Sand Timer
Item No.: GS002
Bulb/ Sand: Glass/ Iron Power
Base: Wooden base with a magnet
Color: Both colors of the sand and base can be customized.
Size: Bulb Size: Dia6*14.5; Base Size:8*8*2cm
Logo: Sticker, mold
Sample time: 5 days
Lead time: 25 days
Packing details: Poly bag+ white box
FOB Ports: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou

You can see there is a small round magnet inserted into the wooden base.


1: The magnetic sand timer contains a small round magnet, how to ship it?

Please don’t worry about it. We will handle this by Degaussing.

2: How to avoid the sand timer broken from shipping?

We will wrap the hourglass by Polyform. Then they will be all safety.