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Love Confession Sand Timer

This product is a love confession sand timer. At first glance, it’s just a standard hourglass, with white sand, nothing special. The only difference is it’s just 30 seconds and flow faster than other timers. My colleague said, wait a moment, there will be a surprise. And if you fell in love with someone, you can buy her this sand timer, and wait for 30 seconds together. In the following text, we will talk about this sand timer in details and see what the surprise is.

Love confession sand timer
  • Product Name: Love confession sand timer
  • Item No.: GS009
  • Size: Dia9.5*17.5cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Time Available: 30 second
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Material: Glass bulbs+ glass beads sand+ metal sheet words
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For this hourglass, sometimes it is available for free sample.
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Item Name: Love confession sand timer
Item No.: GS009
Bulb/ Sand: Glass/ Glass beads.
Words: metal
Sand colors: Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow and customized.
Size: Dia9.5*17.5
Weight: 100g
Time available: 30 second
Logo: Sticker, Print, carve
Sample time: 5 days
Lead time: 25 days
Packing details: Polyform+ white box
FOB Ports: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou
Payment terms: T/T to company bank account, Western Union. Paypal, Credit Card

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Item No.: GS009
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Product details

From the outside, this is a standard hourglass. Size is Dia9.5*17.5cm, white sand, nothing special, time is 30 second. There are some words on the one side bulb, and the words seem to be for Valentines.

We put it on the desk, and the sands start to flow down, much quicker than other hourglasses. Suddenly, I find something. It is in gold color, what is that thing? 2 second later, it seems to be some words but can’t see them altogether. When the sand all fell down to the bottom bulb, things seem to be clear. It supposed to be a piece of metal sheet. The words are I LOVE YOU. If you buy this sand timer for the one that you fell in love, and see the words appear together. Maybe some good thing will happen.

Sand timer with some sand
sand timer with less sand
Sand timer with the words
Sand Timer with the words clearly


sand timer with water sticker

If you want to show something on the surface of the sand timer, there are two way you can consider.
One is print, like the logo, a few words, and too long.
The other one is the sticker. If you want to show more words, this is a good choice.

See the image on the left.

Metal Sheet

The words of the metal sheet are I LOVE YOU. You can see the image on the left.
If you want to customize other words, we can do it. Please feel free to contact me.
And not only this sand timer, but you can also check the hourglass page to find more. We can put the words into most of the hourglasses.


It is a kind of glass sand timer. So we need to use the Polyform to wrap it first. Then put it into a white box. For this design, most of the clients want a color box. As the boys want the packing looks pretty so that they can give the gift to his girlfriend.

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