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Kids Toothbrush Holder with Hourglass Timer

In this page, we will introduce toothbrush holder with an hourglass timer. The introduction can help clients to know more about this product and make a better choice. Clients could read it before making the decision.

toothbrush holder with timer

For the toothbrush holder, the material is Eco-friendly ABS.
The material of the frame is Eco-Friendly ABS.

Hourglass timer bulb is made of glass and hand blown.
And there is clear acrylic tube protect the bulb outside.
So even you drop the sand timer on the ground, it will not break.
Parents can rest assured then.

The maximum time of this hourglass is 3 minutes.
The size is 13*9.5cm as the picture said.
And the sand in the bulb is glass beads as other hourglasses.

Tip 1
You can see there are two colors of the holder and the sand timers.
Blue and pink, the blue one is for boys, and the pink one is for girls.

How many toothbrushes can we put in the holder?

For this toothbrush holder, you can put four toothbrushes in it.
There are four holes.
And we have another one, the same design, but only have two holes.
That one sells is not as good as this one

Tip 2
This holder is adorable. You can see the cute small hands. And one hand grasp the sand timer.
Kids must be loving it very much. So it can Increase the interest of kids in brushing teeth.

How does the sand timer work?

We have talked about the cute hands just now. Check the hand that grasping the sand timer. The wrist can be rotated. When the sand all fell, you can rotate the wrist, making the sand timer upside down. Then have a new start. And the time of the sand timer is 3 minutes. It is good for kids to brush teeth.

Do you have any other sand timers that have similar function?

Yes, we have. The toothbrush holder with an hourglass timer used in the bathroom. We have 2 minute tooth brushing timer for kids. This design is adorable.

And we also have shower timer with a suction cup. This one can also be used to measure the time of brushing teeth.

toothbrush holder with timer for kids
Functions Parameters
Item Name Toothbrush holder with hourglass timer
Item No. PS007
Holder  Eco-friendly ABS material
Bulb/ Sand Glass/ Glass beads
Frame/Tube Eco-friendly ABS/ Clear acrylic
Color You can customize the holder you like
Sand Color You can customize the sand color
Size Size: 13*9.5cm
Logo Sticker, mould, print,carve
Sample time 5 days
Lead time 25 days
Packing details Poly bag+ white box
Payment terms T/T to our company account, Western Union, Paypal.
Port Shenzhen/ Guangzhou

Packing of toothbrush holder timer

We will put the product in a poly bag. Then put it into a white box.
The holder’s material is plastic, and the sand timer is a kind of plastic sand timer. So it is very safe and doesn’t need to use polyform.
Our regular packing is a white box. Some clients will need a color box. If you need, please make us posted.

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