Project Description

Giant Sand Timer

Giant sand timer, I am not sure how the name comes, but many customers call it in this way. Customers typically order them for kids in kindergarten and primary school, as its size is moderate, and it’s drop resistance. These are useful product features for kids. It’s not a new design, and you can find it in many places. But It’s one of the most popular sand timers for education.

  • Product Name: Giant Sand Timer
  • Item No.: PS001
  • Size: Dia 8.4 * H 16 cm
  • Flowing Time: From 30 Sec to 60 Min
  • Material: ABS caps + Acrylic tube + Borosilicate glass + Glass beads
  • Weight: 240g
  • MOQ: 100 PCS
  • Existing Mold: Yes
  • Free Sample: Yes
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Giant sand timer in different colors

About Giant Sand Timer

This plastic hexagonal hourglass includes a range of products, such as the mega sand timer, and the mini educational hourglass. They are the same hexagonal design but within different sizes. The caps’ material is ABS, while the tube is acrylic. They protect the borosilicate hourglass inside from being broken. And all these materials are all kid-friendly, and it’s an essential factor. Most of the sand timers for kids are similar designs. For this one, the size is Dia 8.4 * H 16cm, and the flowing time is arranging from 30 Sec to 60 Min.


Can you do different colors? Customers asked me this same question many times. Yes, we can. And both the plastic parts and sand we can do many different colors. It’s not a problem for most factories like us. We order white sand and mix it in different colors by ourselves. For the plastic parts, we have a plastic injection department in our factory, and there are ten machines, this is one of our advantages.

More Images

90 Sec Orange Giant Sand Timer
30 Sec Red Giant Sand Timer
1 Min Yellow Giant Sand Timer
3 Min Blue Giant Sand Timer
15 Min Black Giant sand hourglass
30 Min grey educational sand timer

Show Your Logo

If you want to show your company logo on the caps, there’s one way you may interest. Making your logo on the mold, so the caps and logo are a whole, not separate. It’s a pretty good method, and the price is reasonable. There is only a few cost to change the mold, and the unit price of the product is not changed. Another way is to use a sticker, but usually, we show the timing by it.

Time sticker of 30 Sec
Mold logo + sticker


We typically put each sand timer in a bubble bag, then in a white box. The sand timer is firm already, so we don’t need other packings like polyform to wrap it. And we can do customize packagings, such as the color box or the gift box with a window.

Other Details

Sample Time: 1 day
Production Time: 25 days
General Packing: Each in a bubble bag + White box
Printed Place: Print on the caps and tube, sticker on the cap.
Popular Flowing time: 30 Sec, 1 Min, 2 Min, 3 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, 60 Min, 90 Min.
FOB Ports: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou
Payment Methods: T/T to our company bank account, Western Union, and Paypal.