Project Description

Diamond Hourglass

diamond sand hourglassIt is a diamond hourglass. The diamond glass bulb with colorful sand.
The sands are made of glass beads.

There are 3 sizes:
Small one: Dia6x12.5cm, time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes
Normal one: Dia8.8x16cm, time from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.
The big one: Dia10x18.8cm, time from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.
And you can customize the hourglass with any color of your interest.

The diamond hourglass is a perfect tabletop decoration.
And make a great addition to your home or office.
For the hot-selling one, sometime we will make some stock.
If you need a sample to check the quality, we can send it to you for free. Glass sand timer is one of our main products. And we also have some Mini plastic hourglass, decorative wooden hourglass, acrylic hourglass and metal hourglass.

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Functions Parameters
Item Name Diamond hourglass
Item No. GS001
Bulb/ Sand Glass Bulb/ glass beads as the sand
Color Sand color can be customized
Smaller one/ time Available Dia6x12.5cm/ From 30 seconds to 5 minutes
Normal one/ time Available Dia8.8x16cm/ From 30 seconds to 15 minutes
Larger one/ Time Available Dia10x18.8cm/ From 30 secongs to 30 minutes
Logo Sticker, mould
Sample time 5 days
Lead time 25 days
Packing details Polyform+white box
Port Shenzhen/ Guangzhou

About the hourglass

The sand timer can be bought to remind guys to get up from the desk and stretch within minutes.
And you choose it over gadgets that lit up or buzzed.
As it’s glass, the colorful sand has nice contrast, and in general, it is a pleasing device.
The timer works very well. It is the excellent quality control for an inexpensive sand timer!
Guys should take care of the glass sand timer, please put it on the desk and not let it fall to the floor.
Time to get up and stretch!

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