Brass Rotating Hourglass

Brass Rotating Hourglass

    Details About Brass Rotating Hourglass

    Product Name:Brass Rotating Hourglass
    Item No.:MS201
    Size:L/S, Dia17 × H31.5 cm / Dia 13 × H24 cm
    Material:Brass + Borosilicate Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads
    Running Time:30 Sec – 60 Min
    Popular Running Time: 5 Min, 10 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, 60 Min
    Color:Engraving or Printing on the Metal Plate
    Logo:Print on caps or on the tubes
    Free Samples:Yes
    MOQ:100 pcs

    • More Pictures

    Plate of Brass Rotating Hourglass
    Middle of Brass Rotating Hourglass
    Electroplated Sand of Brass Rotating Hourglass
    Small Brass Rotating Hourglass on the table
    Brass Rotating Hourglass on the table

    • Usage

    The brass rotating hourglass is an excellent home decoration. The color of the brass and the sand look elegant. There is an axis that the hourglass can rotate. You don’t need to move the base of the hourglass, only turn it. The Gloden Sand inside is plated. Our Hexagon Hourglass is also with golden sand, and the golden sand fit the design of the hourglass.

    • To Vistors

    This hourglass might be the first rotating hourglass though our factory already has a lot of rotating hourglasses now. And this design is still the most hot-selling one. There are some different sizes, as there are many factories, but the two sizes we show on our website are the most popular.