Black Wooden Hourglass

Black Wooden Hourglass 1 Hour

    Details About Black Wooden Hourglass

    Product Name:Black Wooden Hourglass
    Item No.:WS004
    Size:L/S, L12.5 × W6 × H20.5 cm/ L10 × W5 × H14.8 cm
    Material:Wooden Frame + Borosilicate Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads
    Running Time:30 Sec – 60 Min
    Popular Running Time:5 Min, 10 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, 1 Hour
    Color:Both sand and wooden frame can be custom
    Logo:Print or Engrave on the wooden frame
    Free Samples:Yes
    MOQ:100 pcs

    • More Pictures

    Black Wooden Hourglass with Pink Sand
    Black Wooden Hourglass with Blue Sand
    Black Wooden Hourglass lay on the ground
    White Wooden Hourglass with Green Sand
    White Wooden Hourglass with Blue Sand

    • Usage

    This black wooden hourglass is one of the most elegant hourglasses in our factory. Some customers who ordered them are from chains of jewelry stores. They only ordered black wooden ones and printed their logos on the wooden frame. The customers are the most persuasive. And elegant hourglasses are always excellent home decorations.

    • To Vistors

    We have two sizes of this black wooden hourglass at present. We call it black wooden hourglass because black ones are sold much better than any other colors. We have a similar design, the elegant wooden sand timer, in our factory. They are almost the same, only the edge of the wood frame is a little different. You can check which one you prefer.