Antique Brass Hourglass

Antique Brass Hourglass 60 Minutes

    Details About Antique Brass Hourglass

    Product Name:Antique Brass Hourglass
    Item No.:MS004
    Large Size:Dia 15.3 × H 23.5 cm
    Small Size:Dia 10.5 × H 16.7 cm
    Mini Size:Dia 7.5 × H 12 cm
    Material:Durable Plastic + Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads
    Running Time:30 Sec – 120 Min
    Popular Running Time:5 Min, 15 Min, 30 Min, 60 Min, 120 Min
    Metal Color:Brass and sliver
    Sand Color:Sand color can be custom
    Logo:Print or engrave on the metal
    Free Samples:Yes
    MOQ:100 pcs

    • More Pictures

    Antique Brass Hourglass Three Sizes
    Antique Brass Hourglass Side
    Antique Brass Hourglass Middle
    Antique Brass Hourglass Middle Single
    Antique Brass Hourglass Top
    Antique Brass Hourglass Bottom

    • Usage

    The antique brass hourglass is designed 20 years ago. In the hourglass area, it is worthy of the name of antique. During this time, our factory had good orders every year. Most of the customers order them as decorative hourglass, and it is. Metal sand timers are good products for home decoration.

    • To Vistors

    We don’t produce metal parts of the hourglass directly, but we have responsible suppliers. And we really do a lot of metal sand timers. So for the metal parts, we always have some stock. When you place an order for this metal hourglass, if your order is not that large, we can finish it soon.