3-in-1 Wooden Round Edge Sand Timer

This 3-in-1 wooden round edge sand timer is a kind of sand timer for making tea. There are three hourglasses, and each of them has a different running time. So you don’t need to find another sand timer when you are making a different kind of teas.

3-in-1 Wooden Round Edge Sand Timer
  • Material: Wooden Frame + Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads
  • Item No.: WS101
  • Size: 9 × 3 × 9 cm
  • Running Time: 30 Sec to 7 Min
  • Color: Custom
  • MOQ: 100 pcs

Details About 3-in-1 Wooden Round Edge Sand Timer

  • More Pictures

3-in-1 Wooden Round Edge Sand Timer in Different Color Sand
3-in-1 Wooden Round Edge Sand Timer Laser engraving
3-in-1 Wooden Round Edge Sand Timer Columns

  • Running Time

The maximum running time of this 3-in-1 sand timer is seven minutes. And you can pick any point in the running time range. But there is a 10% tolerance, as our hourglasses are all handmade. And 10% tolerance is the professional standard in this area.

Popular Running Time:1, 3, 5 Min as a group.

  • Logo

If you need to show your logo, and the logo is not very complex, we highly recommend choosing laser engraving. The words and numbers on this wood frame are laser engraving.

  • Packing

We put each unit into a PE bag, then put it into a white box. The size of this sand timer is not large, and the wooden frame protects the hourglasses well, so this easy packing is OK.

  • General Information

For other general information like the samples, shipping, payment terms, please check the FAQ page. There are great answers.

  • Reference

As a factory since 2002, we can have some cases for your reference and hope they can do some help.

(1) About the Laser Logo

it’s much better not to laser too many things on the wooden frame. Simple is beautiful.

(2) About the Color of the Wood Frame 

Most customers like the wood in natural color, and we agree with that. The natural wood color is really beautiful.

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