3 in 1 Acrylic Tea Timer

3 in 1 Acrylic Tea Timer

    Details About 3 in 1 Acrylic Tea Timer

    Product Name:3 in 1 Acrylic Tea Timer
    Item No.:AS101
    Size:L6 × W2 × H 7.5 cm
    Material:Clear Resin + Glass Hourglass + Glass Beads
    Running Time:30 Sec – 5 Min
    Popular Running Time:1, 2, 3 Min; 1, 3, 5 Min; 3, 4, 5 Min
    Color:Both sand and resin can be custom
    Logo:Print or engrave on the resin body
    Free Samples:Yes
    MOQ:100 pcs

    • More Pictures

    Transparent Acrylic Sand Tea Timer
    Printing on Acrylic Tea Timer
    Clear 3 in 1 Acrylic Sand Tea Timer
    Different colors of 3 in 1 acrylic sand tea timer
    3 in 1 Acrylic Tea Timer Black Ground
    1 2 3 Min Printing on acrylic Sand Timer

    • Usage

    The 3 in 1 acrylic tea timer is a kind of waterproof tea timer as the hourglass is wrapped in clear resin. The running time of the three hourglasses inside can be different. You can also put it on your desk as a desk decoration, but this design is not as good as the larger acrylic hourglass.

    • To Vistors

    The acrylic sand timer is one of our competitive products. It is not the problem of price, but the production advantages. Resin products are another of our products. And for this product, hourglasses are not as important as clear resin. And we can control the quality ourselves.