Who we are

We are a sand timer manufacturer in China. And our website address: https://isandtimer.com.

What Personal Information About Customers will we Collect?

When you input the form and send us an inquiry through the website, we can get what you have input. And the input information is your email, your name, and your message.

For What Purposes Does Montessorily Use Your Personal Information?

We will reply to your email to proceed with your inquiry, of course. After that, we will send you some contact emails like our new product to keep a long relationship. Maybe it will be once a month.

Who will we share your information with?

We will never share your contact information with others. The customer contact information is way too important to a factory, so we will never leak it out.

This website is only a product showing website. Visitors can’t leave a comment, can’t upload a video or an image.