Plastic Sand Timers

Most plastic sand timers are excellent educational tools for the kids. The safety issues of kids’ products can’t be overemphasized. The plastic caps and tubes protect the hourglass inside. Typically, the hourglass won’t break. But even it’s broken, the breaking glass will be kept inside, and not hurt the kids. There are drop tests before export.

I am trying to list all of the plastic sand timers that we have. So the customers who are looking for these hourglasses can have a one-stop experience. We are a sand timer manufacturer, so there are many other designs, I’ll list them all on the hourglass page. There is a plastic injection department in our factory, and this is an advantage to help customers to develop new items.

Giant Sand Timer

Giant Sand Timer
Size: Dia 8.4 * H 16 cm

mini educational sand timer

PS001 – Mini
Mini Educational Sand Timer
Size: Dia 6 * H 12.7 cm

mega sand timer

PS001 – L
Mega Sand Timer
Size: Dia 15.5 * H 30 cm

Mini sand timer set for kids

Mini Sand Timer Set For Kids
Size: Dia 2.5 * H 8.8 cm

Shower sand timer with suction cup

Shower Sand Timer with Suction Cup
Size: Dia 2.5 * H 6.1 cm

Kids' toothbrush timer smiley face

Kids’ Toothbrush Timer Smiley Face
Size: L 2.3 * W 2.3 * H 9.8 cm

Round Cap Educational Hourglass

Round Cap Educational Hourglass
Size: Dia 6.5 * H 12.5 cm

Board Game Timer

Board Game Timer
Size: Dia 2.4 * H 7.5 cm

2 Minute Plastic Hourglass

2 Minute Plastic Hourglass
Size: Dia 2.5 * H 8.7 cm

Classroom sand timer set of 5

Classroom Sand Timer Set of 5
Size: Dia 5.5 * H 15 cm

Plastic Magnetic Hourglass for Kids

Plastic Magnetic Hourglass for Kids
Size: L 7.5 × W 7.5 × H 11.6 cm