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We decide to make this new about page because the former one doesn’t have enough information. Before contacting us, the only way for the clients to know us seems to be from the website. However most of the customers are from abroad, and it is impossible for them to visit us. How can they know us, trust us, and give us the order without worried? That is the question. The only way seems that we should post more information about our factory and let them know we are here.

In this page, you can find all the working departments images that related with sand timer, sample room, our office, the certificate of factory and products, how to visit us and some guys of our factory.

Factory Overview

Skyringe Craft Factory is one of the first factories that focus on sand timer production in China. We have been in this field since 1993. Now we are one of the largest sand timer hourglass factories in China. All the main production process are finished in our factory. Some are not, like the box and the sand. We still need to buy them from our suppliers. But it doesn’t matter. In the following text, we will show the images of our factory.

Office and Showroom

Our factory has been here for more than 15 years, and I mean the location of the factory. In other words, many guys of us go to the same place to work for more than 15 years. More than 30% of the guys work here in the factory since it established. Like the sales team, no one quit for more than 5 years, and in this year, 2 new guys coming.

In this September, there is a bid to compete. We try to get another workshop beside us. If we succeed, we will have some new offices and new showrooms, which are much larger than we have now. And we will add some projects. Like the resin crafts, we started it 10 years ago, and now we are one of the largest resin ball manufacturers. And happy to know we will have new offices. I will post it on the news when any updates.


Factory overview



Overseas sales team

overseas sales team

Showroom image

Showroom image

Showroom image 1

Sample room

Showroom image 2

Sample room 2

My seat

This seat is mine, see the magic laptop on the desk, I use it to make the entire website and reply most of your emails. If you have any advice about the product and website, please feel free to contact me. Some guys asked me: You are a sales, why you learn to make this sand timer website? The answer is: Never stop learning. When you master a new skill, you will see the world on a new level.

Glass Bulbs Department

Most of the bulbs production processes are in this department. Including glass tube cut, bulbs-blown, sand-filled, bulbs-sealing as well as an essential step, drying. Please check the following images and videos of some machines and workshops.

glass tubes

Tubes material

bulbs-blown 2

Bulbs-blown 2



Sealing the bulbs of the hourglass

 Blowing the hourglass bulbs

Drilling the hole of hourglass neck

Making diamond hourglass bulbs

Drying machine

The machine on the left is a drying machine. Lots of clients that have visited our factory asked us why we need such a massive machine. The answer is that we need to dry the sand before filling them into the bulbs. And sometimes, we wash the bulbs with water, then we need to dry off them, or the sand will stick to the glass. After the sand filled into the bulbs, we still need to put them into the device for a period, then start to seal. It is an important step.

Print Department

We have a print department ourselves. There are 2 skilled masters, 10 skilled workers, and around 10 printing machines. The masters modulate the colors and make new samples and also print the goods themselves. That’s why we can do the print sample so quickly. See the images below.

Print department

Print Department

Sand Timer Printing

Sand Timer printing

Resin ball printing

Resin ball printing

Sand Timer Printing 2

From the left images, you can see that. There are many sand timers are waiting to print. Most of the clients want to show their logo on the products. As a result, we need to print thousands of hourglasses a day.   We can save much time for the clients,  and it’s a significant advantage.

Plastic Injection Department

We also have a plastic injection department. There are 2 masters and 8 skilled workers and 8 plastic injection machines. The plastic sand timer is one of our main products, so we need this department. And many clients like these kinds of sand timers. So it is one of another advantage of our factory.

We don’t have too much communication costs, and the workshop will do all the things that the sales let them do, this is very important. Buyers need a factory that can do productions and solve problems, not the one that only wants big orders, do easy things and ignore the small ones as well as the difficult issues.

Plastic Department

Plastic Department

Injection molding machine No. 5

Injection molding machine No. 5

Injection molding machine No. 8

Injection molding machine No. 8

Plastic sand timer cap

If you need to customize the plastic part, please let me know. Not only to change the color, but also open mold for new products. And it should be more comfortable talking with us than other factories. We go to the workshop many times a day and should know more about professional knowledge.

Packing Department

When the sand timers are put into the packing room, it seems that the goods will be finished. The fact is, there are still a lot of things need to do.

For the glass and acrylic sand timer, we can pack them directly. And for other sand timers, we need to do the assembly work, including the wooden sand timer, metal sand timer, especially plastic sand timer. We need to seal the cap, put the hourglass into the metal and wood frame, paste the stickers, do some test.

After all the things seemed to be OK, then we pack them with polybag and box. For the glass sand timer, we use Polyform to protect it. After finish the packing, we will put the good into the warehouse and wait to ship.

assemble the 3 in 1 metal sand timer
assemble the plastic sand timer
Seal the plastic cap with a machine
pack the wood sand timer
warehouse 1
warehouse 2


Our factory has passed the certification of ISO9001. And some of our products have SGS report. The sands have passed the MSDS Test.
And you know we are one of the largest sand timer manufacturers in China. Of course, we should have some patent sandglasses.

To make it clear, we make a separate page for the reports. You can click the section and go to the page directly to find and download them.

Welcome to our factory

Our factory is in Shiwan Town, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province which with pretty convenient traffic condition. It only needs 15 minutes from Dongguan Railway Station to our factory.

And Dongguan Station is the key transportation hub in Guangdong. It needs 45 minutes to Luohu Railway Station, while 35 minutes to Guangzhou Railway Station. That means if you are in Hong Kong, that will take you less than 2 hours to come to our factory while less than 1 hour if you are at Canton Fair.

If you visit our factory, we can pick up you from Dongguan Station. For some foreign clients, it is difficult for them to take the Chinese subway and railway. And most of them will not stay in China for a long time. So we can pick them from the airport.

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