Maximum time of an hourglass

What is the maximum time of an hourglass? This is a question.
I will answer you from a hourglass manufacturer direction.

The timer waist thickness and the volume of the sand control the how long will the timer can measure.
If you want the hourglass measure shorter. You need to make the waist thicker, or reduce the sand.
On the opposite, if you want the timer longer. You need to make the hourglass waist thinner, or increase the sand volume.

It seems that if you make the waist thinner and increase the sand volume. You can make the time as long as you want.
The problem appears:

The glass bulb is man blown. The worker breathes a month of air. And then blow the bulb.
Just a month of air, they can’t blow such large bulb…
The waist also can’t make too thin. Factory should consider the diameter of the sand. If the waist too thin… The sand can’t down.

We have made a 4 hour sand timer before. But it is not good.
We tried many ways, but still can’t do it.
1 hour is the maximum time that clients need and we producing now.
And it is our advantages..

maximum time of an hourglass

There are many designs can be made one hour time.
Like classroom sand timer, round plastic large sand timerhourglass with wooden frame, 1 hour sand timer and sand glass.

We will also upload other sand timers that can reach one hour. If you need other designs, Please contact me.

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