How to make halloween hourglasses

Halloween hourglass is a kind of glass sand timer hourglass.
With a resin figurine or resin ornaments on the resin base.
Add the glass bulb and colorful glass beads sand.
The Halloween hourglass is done.
Now let us to see how to make halloween hourglasses

The resin base seemed easily to make, but how to make the inside figurine?
The inside figurine also made of resin ( polyresin).
So we just need to know how to make a figurine.
Actually we just need a image of the figurine is OK.
More directions are better if it is available for the clients.

With the images, we will do the sculpture first.
And send the sculpture to the clients to confirm. That would be 1 to 3 times.
After the sculpture confirmed, we will make the mold.
Please notice that, when the mold started, it can’t be modified.
So clients should confirm the sculpture carefully.

We will produce the sample with the mold.
And paint the color according to the image.
Then send clients to confirm. This step also need 1-3 time to confirm.
The last step we will assemble the sand timer. And send the finished sample to the clients.

The resin material can make even all kinds of shapes.
So it is a good choice for clients to make it.

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