Glass Sand Timers

Glass sand timers are the most beautiful ones in my view. They are simple, with no other embellishments, and ancient design. As you know, minimalism is more and more popular. In our factory, there are dozens of models, and we have new designs almost every season. The glass is borosilicate glass, and it’s one of the best materials in this area.

Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass

Magnetic Sand Timer Hourglass
Size: L 8 * W 8 * H 16 cm

happy time sandglass timer

Happy Time Sandglass Timer
Size: Dia 4.4 * H 9.8 cm

ribbed glass sand timer

Ribbed Glass Sand Timer
Size: Dia 8.4 * H 20 cm

slim ribbed hourglass timer

Slim Ribbed Hourglass Timer
Size: Dia 7 * H 21 cm

love confession sand timer

Love Confession Sand Timer
Size: Dia 9.5 * H 17.5 cm

freestanding 1 hour rainbow hourglass

Freestanding 1 Hour Rainbow Hourglass
Size: Dia 10 * H 24.5 cm

2 hour extra large hourglass

2 Hour Extra Large Hourglass
Size: Dia 12 * H 43 cm

3 minute hand blown sand timer

3 Minute Hand Blown Sand Timer
Size: Dia 5 * H 13 cm

Word Charm Sand Timer

Word Charm Sand Timer
Size: Dia 5 * H 12 cm

Modern Hourglass

Modern Hourglass
Size: Dia 14 * H 16 cm

1 Min Sand Timer with Plated Glass Beads

1 Minute Sand Timer with Plated Sand
Size: Dia 5 * H 13 cm

hexagon hourglass with golden sand

Hexagon Hourglass with Golden Sand
Size: Dia 7 * H 16.4 cm