Food Grade sand timer inquiry from an Iranian client

2 minute sand timer for tooth brushing

Last week we received an inquiry about sand timer from an Iranian client.
He said he needs some 2 minute sand timers for tooth brushing.
Then we send him two designs that we think the most suit for him.

One is a small plastic sand timer that we have made for a toothpaste company.
The other is the smiling face toothbrush timer.
Both can make 2 minutes, and the materials for them are all ECO-friendly.

Food grade sand time

An hour later, he replied me an email and said:

Therefore we will need them to be from PP material, Food Grade, 2 minutes time.

2 minutes, yes it is the best time for toothbrushing, we know it.
PP, it’s a kind of subtransparent material, and it is food grade, and it can meet the FDA test.
But it is not a suitable material for a sand timer.

So we need to check if there is an alternative material.

Sand timer materials

If you click the links on the first graph, you may find the materials of the sand timers.

The lids are ABS materials.
Tubes are PC.
Bulbs are glass materials.
And Glass beads inside the bulbs.

2 minutes tooth trush sand timer
Plastic mini plastic hourglass

Alternative materials

Now let’s check if there are alternative materials.
The tubes are PC, and clients need PP, Food grade.
There is a kind of materials called PCTG. Food grade that can meet FDA.
And it is transparent so that it can be the alternative material of the tube.

For the lids, they are outside, and it should need to use Food Grade material, too.
Fortunately, there is another kind of ABS is Food Grade material and can meet FDA.
And our glue supplier can provide us the glue that meets the FDA test.
The question supposed to be solved.

What about the glass and sand?

The glass and the sand are sealed entirely inside.
Even the glass is broken, the glass and sand still will not flow out.
because of the tube outside. So no need to use the Food Grade material.

All solved? Yes, send emails to the client as soon as possible.

To the readers

The contact with the client is not as easy as the words.
We delete some primary information.
This is a business, so we will try our best to keep them secret. Even a small mistake will cause serious problems.
We want to show what we can do and show our advantages to the clients.
We need to run the factory, need orders, and need to let more clients know us.
And we need to provide good enough products and services.

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