See this FAQ page. we will post all the answers that the our clients have asked. As well as the answers about the questions  that we have asked ourselves. So you can find the answers directly. It will take a long timer to post all the answers, but we are on the way.

Can we customize the sand color2018-08-19T19:38:35-07:00

Can we customize the sand color

The answer is Yes. We have some professional masters that can modulate the sand color. You can check the hourglass page, and many sand timers have different sand colors.

Last month, A client said he needs a kind of hourglass with gold color sand. And asked me could we do the sand color base on the Parton Color No.?

I said Yes, then he sent me the No. of the color. One day later, I send him the hourglass sample with the Parton Card.

Sand color match the Parton Color Card

Please check the left image.
After received the image, he said Yes, this is the one he needed. Then I sent him the sample.
In my vision, the real object is better than the image.

So if you need to customize the sand color, please feel free to contact me.

What is the material of the sand2018-08-17T05:07:25-07:00

What is the material of the sand

The sand material is glass beads. And most of the sand of the sandglass use this material. The reason is the real sand can’t be exported or imported. We all know glass beads are better material than real sand.

Some guys also use small metal beads, it is OK, but that will cost more.

We have the MSDS report, and you can check the Certificates page to download it.

Shipping cost of sand timer2018-07-20T05:18:51-07:00

Shipping cost of sand timer

Shipping cost, this is a significant problem. And all the clients need to know more about how we ship the goods. Maybe you are a professional importer and understand this very well. And there are still lots of guys don’t know about this well. We should say something about this in this page.

3 ways to ship goods

There are three ways that we usually use to ship goods.

By sea: ship to your designated Port by sea.
By air: ship to your designated airport by plane.
Door to door: DHL, FEDEX, UPS and some other companies.

And someone said you could send the goods via post office. We don’t use this way much, because it is costly that if you post many products, and also need much time. We won’t use this way even send samples. Guys who buy or customize the sample, always need them for the project or maybe for the selling season. They can not wait for half a month or more to save 20 dollars. So we will not talk about this way.

Some cases

We all know that by sea is the cheapest way, while by air is more expensive. And door to door is the most expensive one. But why sometimes we still need to ship by the door to door. We will see some cases in the following text.

One client bought 100pcs small plastic sand timer.

We recommend him shipping by the door to door. Why? The following is what we are thinking.
The size of this sand timer is small. So 100pcs just is a small package. If by sea or by air, that would need a lot of handling fee. And that is more expensive than the shipping cost by the door to door. Then you know the answer, door to door is the best way.

One client said the sand timer shipping cost is expensive than other products.

Telling the truth, this is right. Shipping sand timer is more expensive than shipping other products. The reason is, the sand is glass beads, something like power, so it needs to use a particular way. It requires two more dollars at least per KG.

One client needs very urgent order, and the goods have more than 15CBM.

Only one way: by air. It is Cheaper than door to door and much faster than shipping by sea. Sometimes it is just a little slower than door to door.

One client needs 15 CBM goods and not very urgent.

For this one, we can ship by sea. And actually, most clients use this way, because they have always planned for everything before placing the order.

What we should do

After getting the product information and deadline, we should check which way is cheaper and can get the day.
We are the sand timer manufacturer, and we should do this.

Hourglass of our factory2018-07-20T05:02:14-07:00

Hourglass of our factory

In this pages, we will talk about the hourglasses of our factory. I had tried to explain this issue many times in different places, like the homepage, emails even the offer sheet I sent to clients sometimes. But it’s still not clear enough as I expected. Now I am trying to do the job again. Here is enough space for me to explain about this only question.

We are the largest sand timer manufacturer in Southern China or maybe the whole of the Country. Who knows, even we have been in this field for more than 15 years, there are still factories we don’t know. And in our sight, we are the largest one.

Sand timer as you know is a device that used to measure the passage of time. It comprises two glass bulbs connected vertically by a narrow neck that allows a regulated trickle of sand from the upper bulb to the lower one.

It’s not an intricate device, but there are different designs. We separate them by the material of the frame. Including Plastic sand timer, metal sand timer, wood sand timer, glass sand timeracrylic sand timer and resin sand timer.

plastic sand timer

We call it plastic because most of them have plastic lids of each end. And there is an acrylic or PC tube to protect the glass bulbs from broken when you drop it on the ground carelessly. So this kind of sand timer is very suitable for the kids.

board game plastic sand timer

Metal sand timer

The frame made of metal. See the image on the right.

3 in 1 metal sand timer

Wood sand timer

The frame material is wood, and the wood sand timer is an excellent home decoration. See the image on the right.

decorative wood sand timer

Acrylic sand timer

It is a very special sand timer. The whole bulbs are inside a clear acrylic body. The sand timer is stable, it will not break even you drop it on the ground. The acrylic body can be engraved in some words.

clear acrylic sand hourglass

Glass sand timer

For this design, there isn’t any frame. Just two glass bulbs connected vertically by a narrow neck. But the glass bulbs can be in different shapes or even in different colors.

hourglass of our factory

Resin sand timer

The lids are made of resin, and you can customize any shapes you want. For some designs, there are inside figures, the material of them are resin, too.

Resin sand timer