This page is for certificates. You know we are the sand timer manufacturer.
So we have some certificates, like SGS report, letters patent, MSDS test, ISO certification.
We will post them on this page. And you can check what kind of reports you need and download them.

SGS Report

The Two SGS reports are for 2 kinds of sand timer.
They are in the same report.
Both of them are the plastic sand timer.
See the sand timers on the right.

You can click the button and download the reports.

We make the SGS report of the two because both are hot selling ones.

board game sand timer for kids
small plastic hourglass
SGS report of sand timer
Sand timer SGS report

Actually, there is another sand timer pass the SGS test.
And it is one of our clients who make the test.
Even he give us the report, his company name and logo are on it.
So we won’t post the report here. Whereas we can let you the product.

It’s also a kind of plastic sand timer. See the right image.

plastic giant sand timer

Our sand is also passed the SGS Test.
Click the button and see the report.

Sand SGS report

If you need other SGS reports, please feel free to contact me. Our material suppliers also have SGS reports. And we have them in hand, you know we should not post them here, even our suppliers said OK. Whereas we can send to you if you need them.

MSDS Report

You know the product is the sand timer, so there should be sand inside it.
And the sands are not real sand, they are very small glass beads.

The MSDS report is for the sand( glass beads).
See the image and click the button to download the report.

MSDS report for the sand

ISO certification

Our factory has passed ISO9001 Certification.
Only a few sand timer factories have passed the certification, we are one of them.
Please see the right image, there are Chinese and English editions.

I thought there should be a few pages, like SGS report.
The fact is there are only two pages, one is for Chineses, the other is for English.
Click the button and download the Certification.

ISO 9001