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The hourglasses are not precise instruments but simple tools for timing measurement. And they can also be home decorations. But they still have many details, like design, running time, colors, sand inside, etc. So we should write something to let customers know our products more.

19 03, 2023

Top 10 Sand Timers for Kids

Top 10 Sand Timers for Kids As a sand timer manufacturer for years, I think we can say something about this topic. There are dozens of sand timers for kids in our factory and here are ten of the most hot-selling ones, in no particular order, as every [...]

8 10, 2022

What is the sand in hourglasses?

What is the Sand in Hourglasses? Customers often ask us what is sand in the hourglass. Is it natural sand? The answer is no, it is not natural sand. According to some policies, we are not allowed to import or export natural sand. So we have to find [...]

13 11, 2021

Sand Hourglass Accuracy

Sand Hourglass Accuracy As a sand timer factory, we are constantly asked questions about the accuracy of sand timers. It is a critical factor of the hourglass, so we should write a blog to clarify these questions. Sand Hourglass Accuracy The running time [...]

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