Amazon Test for Kids Sand Timer

  • A customer needs test report

Some customers order sand timers from our factory and then sell them on Amazon. Like the small sand timer sets and the mini toothbrush timer, they are really hot selling items. And we usually get everything ready for them, including instruction cards, bar code stickers, color boxes, and other things they need.

A few days ago, one customer told us that Amazon needed a test report. The test was for the kids’ sand timers they were selling on Amazon, so they needed to do it.

Small Sand Timer Set
  • We have done a similar test before

He asked us if we had a cooperative lab or if we had done similar tests before. We have done a similar test before, the test is AS/NZS 8124.1/2/3 and phthalate. It is a toy test in Australia and New Zealand. And our sand timers can pass it. We transferred the contact details of the lab to the customer, and they got contacted.

  • What we have done about the test

After that, we prepared the samples and materials, including products of each color, packaging, and even the oil for printing. And one thing we did not think about, they need to show the seller’s address. So we updated the stickers and added the customer’s address. And now we are just waiting for the result.

Some sand timers are now taken as toys because kids might use them when they play a game. Would it be taken as a kind of stationery if we use them to measure the time when we read books?  Actually, we have a kind of all-plastic sand timer for kids, we have produced over a million pieces.

—–To Be Continued