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About Us

We are an hourglass sand timer manufacturer in China. Our factory started in 2002 and has been in the same place for more than ten years. All of the main processes are finished in our own factory, such as hourglass blowing, sand color mixing, plastic accessories injection, laser engraving, printing, assembling, and packing. There is also a professional sales team that can follow up with your inquiry. Most of the salesmen have been working in the factory for more than five years, some of them are for around ten years.

Be All We Can Be

Factory Overview

Sand Timers We Can Do

Sand Timers are our main products, and we can do almost all kinds of sand timers that you can find on the markets. Such as the material of plastic, metal, wooden, acrylic, and even just borosilicate hourglass.

Office and Workshops

We are an hourglass sand timer manufacturer, and a manufacturer should have the capability to produce products. There should be some workshops, some machines, and some skilled workers.


Our factory has been audited by BSCI. It can’t prove anything, just show customers that we are a factory. We also have ISO 9001, Environment Evaluation Certificate, and some other products certificates.

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