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We talked a lot about how to make this about page. There are different versions, like showing the workshops, certificates, or some of our department leaders. Finally, we changed to the present version: to show the activities of our factory, in this way, customers know about our factory from different directions.



Otc 31, 2023
New BSCI Certificate

We did the annual BSCI inspection and passed it. The validity of the new report is from Oct 31st, 2023 to Oct 30th, 2024. As we said many times before, BSCI can only prove we are a real factory, but they can’t prove our products and services.

BSCI Image
2023 Mega Show Part II

Otc 27 – 29, 2023
Hong Kong Mega Show Part II

This was our first time attending Hong Kong Mega Show Part II. Even though the booth area is larger than that of Part I, the result was worse than that. But we met two excellent potential customers. So do as much preparation as we can and seize the chance.

Otc 20 – 23, 2023
Hong Kong Mega Show Part I

This was our first trade show since the end of 2019. Every factory lost a lot of opportunities during these years. Only a few customers came, among them was one customer that we had been contacting for a long time. We met and she placed the order with us.

2023 Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1

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